Why You Should Hire A Prom Photographer

You should hire a prom photographer in Rochester, NY for various reasons; which I will go over! Prom is part of those once in a lifetime events in a persons life where it should be celebrated. Your child only gets to go to prom once, why not capture it by hiring a professional.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Prom Photographer:

  1. It takes the pressure off of parents and prom goers to make sure they get the shots that they want! Whether it is single portraits of each individual or group shots of everyone.
  2. You will receive high-quality images, sure your cell phone can take pictures. But they do not have the capability to change out lenses that are needed for specific shots. Thus making some images look flat or not creating a depth.
  3. Parents can actually be part of some of these images instead of being behind the camera. This takes a lot of pressure off of them, especially during a night where they can see their child is growing up and it can be emotional.
  4. You get to pick a spot for prom portraits! I usually recommend a spot near the venue, this way you are not rushing from one end of town to the other.

One of my favorite spots to photograph prom portraits is the George Eastman House! I would highly recommend making time for this spot, as it can get crowded you make have to wait a few minutes while other prom goers get their portraits done. Take that into account when creating your prom timeline. The gardens are in full bloom at this time, which makes for beautiful portraits!

If you are looking to book a prom photographer to photograph group photos or portraits, feel free to reach out and fill out my contact form.