The George Eastman Gardens is one of my top favorite spots in Rochester for sessions! Jamie reached out to me a few weeks ago, looking to do a branding session! The Gardens offer many different backgrounds to play around with, from the gardens to the buildings.

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George Eastman Gardens Photoshoot
George Eastman House Photoshoot
George Eastman House Rochester NY Photo Session
Branding Photographer Rochester Ny
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Headshot Photographer Rochester NY
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Jamie is in the process of rebranding his website and he is publishing a book! I was so excited to hear that when he reached out to me, because my husband is an author as well! Going into this session I had a few ideas I wanted to play around with and the different textures, usually I'll have some newer poses and ideas saved on my phone to refer to. Before a session, I typically arrive to our location a half hour early to do a walk through and scout out a few spots! This way it makes your session a breeze and enjoyable!

Jamie brought a few outfits with him, which I was stoked about because it adds more variety to the session! Plus it gives him more photos to pick from when he is doing is rebranding. Working with Jamie was alot of fun, he was up for any poses or ideas that I had

At the end of our session Jamie told me he was happy that he didn't have to think of any poses or ideas, which I truly appreciated. If you are looking for a photographer for headshots or a branding session feel free to send me a message, I would be more than happy to help you.