Outfit Guide

Wear What You Will Be Comfortable In:

Choose comfort over style! Think movement!

  • Dont wear something that may slip off while I have you walking, hugging, leaning over etc. Flowy skirts and dresses are always a win since they show energy in the movements you make
  • Keep the weather in mind! Short sleeves and breathable fabric is a must in Summer, while cozy clothing in the Winter takes the stage

Textures & Patterns

Patterns do not have to be elimnated altogether, they should be used in moderation.

  • Avoid wearing really busy, distracting patterns as well as combining different patterns
  • Textures are different! They are welcome to the party! I love fringe, denim, linen and faux fur! It adds dimension

Neutrals, Earthy and Dusty Tones:

I love these tones! They help create beautiful images!

  • I highly recommend sticking to neutrals, not just your white, beige or grays.
  • Every color of the rainbow has a neutral or muted version.
  • Some colors that aren't plain that look beautiful are: burnt organge, mustard yellow, denim blue
  • Do not wear the same share of color as others in your session. Varying degress of neutrals or color is the best.