I am so glad you are here! Let me share with you my maternity session guide! Your session is all about embracing this beautiful time in your life, and reducing as much stress as possible! This guide is here to help make the most of your session and enter it relaxed and excited. This is truly a special time in your life whether you are a first time Parent or you are a seasoned parent.

Black and White Maternity Session

Maternity Session Guide:

I hope this guide helps you create lasting memories and a beautiful maternity session experience.

When Should You Book Your Maternity Session:

I typically recommend my parents to be, to book their session between 32-36 weeks and between 28-32 weeks if you are having multiples. Your beautiful belly will be showing at this time.

What Should You Wear:

  • I recommend neutral tones, nothing with loud patterns or colors. The saying goes less is more! You want the attention on you and your little one that is growing, you don't want to take away or distract from that.
  • Long flowy dresses are beautiful, they highlight your baby bump.
  • I typically recommend 2 outfits for maternity sessions, this brings variety to your photos.

What Should Your Partner and Kids Wear:

  • If your spouse comes and if you have kids, I recommend taking a look at my outfit guide to help pick out clothes. Typically I recommend neutral tones and no loud patterns. But if you have any questions or unsure! I would love to help out! I've had some of my clients send photos of their outfits that they are thinking of, don't be afraid to send me photos of your outfits if you are unsure.

What To Bring To Your Session:

If you have ultrasound pictures, outfits or even little shoes! Bring them! Also if you have other kids or pets, please include them! Also if we are doing anything that involves water, I recommend packing extra towels and a change of clothes so you are comfortable after your session.

Extra Tips:

  • Apply lotion to your belly and skin, especially if you want belly spots! This will make your skin look glowy and of course help avoid dry skin!
  • Nude, black or white undergarments are best if you are looking for the beautiful images of you in your undergarments. I love the cozy cardigan look wrapped around with you belly popping out.
  • If we are doing anything that involves water, I recommend either purchasing water shoes for stability. Once you are in place and comfortable we can always take them off.
  • If you want extra pampering the day of, why not get your hair and makeup done! While you are at it treat yourself to a prenatal massage!
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I truly love capturing this special moment! These photos will be beautiful to reflect back on when your little one gets older and even when they start having kids. Maternity sessions are a wonderful way to capture your legacy. I truly hope this guide helps you prepare for your maternity session, I hope this helps you have an enjoyable experience! If you are looking to book a maternity session tap/click here to reach out.