Danielle Buckner Photography offers headshot portrait sessions in Fairport and surrounding areas! Whether you are looking for a corporate headshot or you are doing rebranding for your own business. Let Danielle help you enhance your brand or your employee staff page on your website.

If you are not a big fan of the typical corporate headshots with a white backround! I will typically suggest doing your session outside. There are plenty of outdoor spots I love and offer a great backdrop for your headshots. For headshots I will typically crop in from the chest up, but sometimes I'll throw in a few different posed shots to see if you like anything different. Also you can use these in the future if you decide to change jobs or go a different direction with your branding! Branding sessions I really like to show off your personality and incorporate what you do. So for example if you are a music teacher, bring some of the musical instruments you teach for your session! This will showcase what you do in a professional matter, if that makes sense. When booking your session let me know if there are specific things you would like to incorporate and I will help you make your vision for your session come alive.

Andrew had reached out because he was looking for a headshot photographer, he wasn't looking for your typical headshots against a boring white wall; he wanted something different! So we ended up doing his headshot session at a local park, which offered plenty of stunning backdrops that will help seperate his headshots from the rest of the typical corporate headshots that you may be used to. If you are looking for a modern or inviting headshot image, I recommend taking this route as well! To future clients, this will make you seem more approachable in a professional manner and it adds a human element as well.

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