Wickham Farms in Penfield, NY is one of the best spots in the region for family portraits. Not only do you have a stunning backdrop of sunflowers but there are rows among rows of different varieties of colorful flowers. The Farm also has plenty of seating areas and props in their flower fields that help enhance any session. I am going to share a recap from this adorable family session.

When Emily had reached out to me wanting to book a her family session at Wickham Farms, became super estatic about the upcoming session! I've been to the farm plenty of times before and I know their flower fields do not dissapoint. When we had arrived, the tractor that brings everyone up to the field was closing for the night. One of the workers at Wickham was generous and kind enough to bring myself and my clients up to the field, especially with one of the family members only being a few months old. After the session was over they brought us all down to the parking lot. To make a side note I have to add the staff at Wickham farms is absolutely the kindest and caring people I have communicated with; from the front admissions desk to calling them on the phone to reschedule due to weather. Then of course the kind woman who brought us up to the flower field in the gator, seriously thank you so much for that.

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Once we got to the top where the flower and sunflower fields were, we started at the colorful flower fields. I love the contrast between the bold colors and the outfits that were worn by Emily and her family. I usually tell my clients to pick neutral tones to help them pop against a backdrop or their surroundings, they did an awesome job at picking out some adorable summer outfits. If you ever need help at picking out an outfit for your session, feel free to check out my outfit guide. After we finished up in the flower fields we made our way to the sunflower fields! You will find that there are adorable props such as a bike, rocking chair, swing and more in the fields. It's almost as if you are playing a game to see which one you will come across next.

If you are looking for a unique family portrait session and experience, I highly recommend reaching out to me to book a session at the farm. This is the only farm in the Rochester, NY region that not only offers groomed sunflower fields but different varieties of flowers as well.