Family Portrait Session At Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen State Park is one of my favorite parks in the Finger Lakes Region! It's so versatile and offers a beautiful background for all sessions! Watkins Glen is definitely a hidden gem here in Upstate, NY. If you are looking for a unique spot to have family portraits, I highly recommend making the drive to Watkins Glen!

This family session was awesome to do! I loved being able to put on my hiking boots and run around the park with Kiersten, Dakota and Grayson! Grayson was excited to show me how he can meow like a cat and did a cat pose! I thought this was hysterical as I love cats and have a cat named Cyndi! We started at the main entrance of the park, because I knew there were pretty fields of grass along the way to the trail and it creates a different scene for some of the shots. Afterwards we made our way closer to the falls, because I wanted to capture more of the limestone rock in the background.

After getting a few shots close to the smaller falls; we made our way up a staircase located inside a cave. Going up these sets of stairs was fun because it made you feel as if you are on an adventure, similar to what type of trip Indiana Jones would be on. As soon as we exited the cave stairs, there was a bridge where we captured a few family shots. This allowed for more depth in the images as well as a different scenery. As we made our way up a few more sets of stairs in the park I captured a few more family shots, and then some portraits of Grayson! These were some of my favorite from the shoot, I love his red curly hair! He got silly and had a ton of fun with these portraits! Then it was time to turn around and I wanted to get some different portraits of Grayson, him in action and candid. We made our way back down the staircase located inside the cave. Then I had Grayson at the top of a hill and run towards me; I love these candid shots as it shows his fun personality!

I love what Watkins Glen has to offer, there are endless spots in the park to take portraits! If you have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend making the trip to see the nwaterfalls and gorges. I would recommend that you wear shoes with a decent amount of grip as the trail can get a little slick and muddy; for outdoor sessions I'll ususally wear my hiking boots so I can run around easier and get the best shots possible. If you are looking for a unique portrait session at Watkins Glen State Park, I would be honored to photograph your Family, Engagement or Wedding! Feel free to contact me for bookings or any questions you may have!